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I am an emergency physician, associate professor (McMaster University), and clinician educator in Hamilton, ON. I am the national specialty committee chair for Canada's first official Clinician Educator Area of Focused Competency Diploma program from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC). Locally, I am the director of the McMaster Clinician Educator AFC program.  I am also the Competence Committee Chairperson for the Emergency Medicine RCPSC Training Program.  I also hold a number of positions on the editorial boards of new (; and traditional (JGME, Perspectives on Medical Education, AEM Education & Training journals) scholarly outlets.


In my spare time, I write music.

You can read more about my clinical work at these links:

HHS Share article #1

HHS Share article #2

I engage in both innovation scholarship and research on a number of topics (listed below).

2017 TEDx St. Mary's (Oshawa)

Watch my TEDx Talk on YouTube


Online Teaching & Learning

I engage in both research and innovation about teaching and learning in the digital and online environments.  I am one of the core members of the METRIQ study.


You can learn more about this program of research at my Portfolio page.

See an article where I was interviewed about social media and modern academia for SAEM Pulse by Dr. Eric Lee.

Workplace-based Assessment (WBA)
& Competency-Based Medical Education (CBME)

I am the lead innovator and researcher for the RCPSC McMaster University's WBA system: The McMaster Modular Assessment Program (McMAP).  I have worked with collaborators to use this dataset to explore learning analytics, relationships between tri-phasic checklists and comments, and the implications of missing data.  We have also engaged in program evaluation of our system.


Clinical work

Emergency Physician - Hamilton Health Sciences

Base Hospital Physician - Centre for Paramedic

                                          Education and Research



University of Toronto

Honours Bachelor's of Science (Immunology)
Bachelor's of Education (Int/Sr - Bio/Chem)

2004 - 2008

Western University

Medical Doctor (MD)

2008 - 2013

McMaster University

RCPSC Emergency Medicine Training Program


University of Illinois at Chicago

Masters of Health Professions Education (MHPE)

Thesis-based (Read it here).

Prioritization & Decision Making

My MHPE thesis work explored how emergency physicians think, teach, and learn in multi-patient environments. Read my thesis here.

Read a blog about my 2nd thesis paper here.

See my serious board game (GridlockED) knowledge translation project here, which is inspired by my thesis.

Emergency Department Communications

I have previously conducted research to explore interdisciplinary transitions of care from the emergency department.  We have explored how to teach the skill of consultation and handovers in the Emergency Department, but also the social experience of those conducting these consultations.

You can learn more about this by reading my research portfolio entry here.

Healthcare Leadership Development

I am interested in developing those who are talented and engaged in academic and healthcare leadership. For now, this is an area of interest, but I have sought opportunities to engage in this space.

Check out this invited panel discussion that I participated on (watch it here). Read more here.

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