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Competency-Based Medical Education

During my medical education fellowship (2012-2013) I was asked to re-develop our workplace-based assessment forms.  Little did I know that this would result in falling down a rabbit hole into the worlds of assessment, workplace-based assessment, and competency-based medical education.

Within half a year, I proposed a very ambitious program that would take a pointillism approach towards data collection about trainee performance in all the aspects of physicianhood.

This program was called McMAP (McMaster Modular Assessment Program).  You can read more about this here.

Below is a diagram of the work that we have done so far along the lines of CBME via the McMAP system. I anticipate we will evolve our work to explore CBME via our new EPA system after implementation of Competence By Design for the RCPSC Emergency Medicine programs in July of 2018.

We have also begun to experiment with exploring the data via machine learning algorithms

These 5 papers

describe our evolution

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This project placed in the Top 5 What Works at the international conference on residency education (ICRE)

These 4 papers aim
aim to help further
understand the
faculty experience

with CBME

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