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I have published over 230 peer-reviewed publications, which reflects my expertise and commitment to my field. Additionally, I have edited more than 15 books and/or apps, which shows my contribution to advancing knowledge and understanding in my subject area.

I have been invited speaker at more than 75 events, allowing me develop myself as a speaker over the past decade. I have also contributed to 52 workshops (local, national, international), which highlights my active involvement in sharing my knowledge with others.

Regarding research presentations, I have given more than 100 talks around the world, demonstrating my engagement in sharing my research findings with colleagues and peers. Moreover, my team (or I) have presented just as many research posters, indicating my active participation in disseminating my research findings to a broader audience.

Overall, I'm proud of my impressive scholarly output, which demonstrates my dedication to the fields of health professions education and emergency medicine. My publications, presentations, workshops, and posters have all contributed to the advancement of these fields and the broader scientific community.


For more information about my publications, please see my various external platforms: 

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